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Q1. As a frequent traveller, how does  Schooltrack™  help me stay abreast of activities in my school?
Answer: Schooltrack™  is a web-based integrated school management system so regardless of your physical location anywhere across the world you are always abreast of activities in your school either as a proprietor, administrator, teacher or student as long as you have access to the internet. Schooltrack™ provides you secure access to real-time reports, announcements, notices and alerts on key activities happening in your school on a daily basis such that your being physically away does not impact your involvement in school activities.

Q2. In summary, why MUST I prefer  Schooltrack™  to other school automation systems?
Answer: The Schooltrack™  approach to school management system seamlessly automates the flow of information between school administration, the classroom and the home through the web, using a single database. It represent the lowest risk and surest way to cutting-edge technology leverage, and offers you endless possibilities in constantly evolving information space. In addition, here are 10 key reasons why you should prefer  Schooltrack™  to rival systems:

  • Access homework & curriculum
  • You need to be among the leading schools already leveraging technology to increase their performance, retention and satisfaction
  • You need vital information to support and enhance your administrative decision making process
  • You need to optimise the returns from your time, energy, and money expended on advertising and promotional activities.
  • View invoice and payment schedule
  • You‘re in dare need of increased students’ retention rate and fact-based proactive recruitment drives.
  • You need to increase parents satisfaction and proactive involvement in the educational development of their kids
  • You need to leverage modern tools and learning aids to increase all-round students engagement, attendance, and overall achievements
  • You need to increased technology leverage to enhance communication and lower communication costs with Parents, Teachers, and Students through online messaging service
  • You need to be freed from the bondage of manual operations, and semi-automated processes driven by obsolete proprietary and ineffective administrative systems
  • You desire leading-edge technology leverage without having to break-your-bank
  • You do not want your school left behind in the race for creating the ideal school for the information age.

Q3. What kind of reports does  Schooltrack™  use?
Answer: Schooltrack™  uses Microsoft SQL reporting technology. All reports can be exported to Excel or PDF format. Transcripts, Grades, Progress reports can be translated to different languages and multiple fields can be selected or unselected during printing to allow maximum flexibility. With 44 standard reports,  Schooltrack™  offers you unparalleled capabilities to meet your reporting needs.

Q4. Why is  Schooltrack™  different from other schools administrative systems?
Answer: There are a couple of key differentiating points between  Schooltrack™  and other school administration systems: First of all, you don’t have to spend a fortune to own the system or to verify if the system works for you! As a result, you don’t incur any risk. If at any time you want to change, you only need a download of your students’ database, terminate your subscription and import your data into your new system. You don’t risk anything and can boost performance in your school starting right now! Second of all,  Schooltrack™  is comprehensive, integrated, reliable, easy to use and secure. You can start reaping the benefits of a leading edge information system for your school right away and you don't have to wait for months as is typical of other systems!

Q5. We already have a student’s database and a school administration system. Is it possible to import our database to  Schooltrack™  service?
Answer: Yes, and at no extra charge too. Almost any database format can be imported to  Schooltrack™. We will avail you the import details and specifications, and work with you to seamless transit your school to  Schooltrack™  as soon as you complete the subscription/onboarding process.

Q6. Do I need to invest in servers and technical resources for my school to run on  Schooltrack™ ?
Answer: No. You need not invest in servers and technical resources to run  Schooltrack™ . All you need are your everyday personal computers / laptops with internet connection to the system, and the system is at your service ‘24x7x365’. We’ll provide you both online and physical support as and when required at no extra charge so you have no need for a dedicated technical support resource.

Q7. Can we buy the  Schooltrack™  Integrated School Management System and run it on our own server?
Answer: Yes. Though we do not encourage or recommend the purchase of  Schooltrack™  as a proprietary solution for cost and logistics consideration, we can sell you the system and set up your server/LAN if you already made prior investment in the supporting infrastructure and resources. Simply contact us to discuss your requirements, get a quote and implementation details.

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