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 Schooltrack™integrates over 150 management features into ONE database, unifying school and home!

It automatess the flow of information between school administration, the classroom and the home via the web, using one database. It is a web-based system for administrators, teachers, students and parents to manage, maintain, monitor and provide quality education to each child attending your school by ensuring that all the key stakeholders adequately participate in the educational development of each student enrolled on the system.
 Schooltrack™ is an all-inclusive and ubiquitous shared educational technology infrastructure that confers affordability and unbeatable capability on member schools as it guarantees:
  • Seamless Anytime, Anywhere School Administration
  • Efficient Classroom Management
  • Seamless Integration with School Website
  • Proactive Parent Involvement
  • Extensive Security
  • IT investment Optimisation as no Proprietary Hardware and Overheads are necessary
  • Effortless Migration with Charge-free Data Migration
  • All Round 4-tier User Support
  • Low-Cost Ownership

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